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1 Gallon (128oz) Chalk Mineral Paint Set (ALL COLORS)

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Your Price: $8,960.00
Retail Price:$9,660.00
You Save:$700.00(7%)
Part Number: 900004
Availability: In Stock.
  • This set comes complete with one of each color of the Dixie Bell Paint chalk mineral paint collection (also available in 8oz16oz, and 32oz)
  • High quality chalk mineral paint that can be used on your furniture, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric, and more!
  • Only requires 1 to 2 coats (at most) on most artworks
  • Self-leveling 
  • Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom colors you can image!
  • May ship separate from other products or be drop shipped from manufacturer directly as well.
  • Premier Dixie Belle Paint supplier

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