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12oz Kid Sport Case (25)
12oz Kid Sport Case (25)

12oz Kid Sport Case (25)

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  • Double walled
  • Vacuum sealed insulation
  • Made of 304 commercial food grade stainless steel (aluminum free)
  • BPA free flip top lid with removable straw for easy cleaning
  • Bottom comes UNATTACHED for easier decorating abilities (To attach bottom, use a heat gun to apply heat inside and outside of the cap for about 15-20 seconds before pushing onto tumbler. Please keep in mind that our bottom caps are made of very hard/durable plastic that has been PERFECTLY FITTED for CRAFT HAVEN bottles. Once the cap is placed onto the tumbler, it is not meant to be easily removed.)
  • Individually wrapped and boxed
  • NO SEAM outside
  • Quality tested
  • Unbranded to allow creative freedom
  • Tumblers are authentic CRAFT HAVEN

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