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  3. 30oz Skinny Straight MISFITS Case (25) *****PLEASE READ*****
30oz Skinny Straight MISFITS Case (25) *****PLEASE READ*****
30oz Skinny Straight MISFITS Case (25) *****PLEASE READ*****

30oz Skinny Straight MISFITS Case (25) *****PLEASE READ*****

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  • These 30oz Skinny Straight MISFITS are suitable tumblers that are very comparable to our current Skinny Straights and have the same Craft Haven™ standards in every way. Why are these available? Due to the limited amount of raw materials available at the time of production during the height of the pandemic, there was an intentional height change of 3mm taller than our normal 30oz Skinny Straight during this time (this height increase is comparable to the thickness of a sheet of adhesive vinyl) so while it is a difference, it is a very minimal height difference. These 30oz Skinny Straights that are now labeled as MISFITS are simply the remnants of that previous batch with the slightly taller height. So rather than tossing them to the side, we have greatly discounted these tumblers. They are great to still use as a standard cup to sell or as practice cups or if you just want an amazing deal on some less than perfect tumblers.
  • Please note that while every single MISFIT has been hand checked prior to leaving our warehouse, some tumblers may have minor scuffs, scratches, dents, other imperfections and/or finger smudges although this will be a very RARE incident. Any and all upgrade lid options (the clear and tinted rubber mouth lid options) will be of the old style rubber mouth lid. And please also note that MISFITS DO NOT qualify for a lid replacement if the lid is damaged during or after transit.
  • Limited quantity available. ONCE THE MISFITS ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE!
  • Please note that these are our newest skinnies that have NO TAPER. The top and bottom dimensions of the tumbler EXACTLY the same.
  • Double walled
  • Vacuum sealed insulation
  • Made of 304 commercial food grade stainless steel (aluminum free)
  • BPA free UPGRADED lid (choice of clear sliding, clear rubber mouth, and tinted rubber mouth)
  • Individually wrapped and boxed
  • NO SEAM inside or out
  • Comes with a straw while supplies last (does not fit in individual box)
  • Quality tested
  • Unbranded to allow creative freedom
  • Comes 25 to a case
  • Tumblers are authentic CRAFT HAVEN

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